We offer a 45 day trial period with any DLS product. If you are not satisfied, simply return to your authorized dealer for a refund.

Highest quality and reliability hearing products

The highest fidelity available in ear-worn devices and personal sound amplification products is here.  Our hearing products will amaze you and will amplify the important sounds you want to hear.

Since all of our listening models come standard with a one year warranty you can rest easy about the reliability of your new digital hearing product. All DLS products use the latest technology to give you the best possible hearing in any challenging situation.

Hearing Help for those in need

Proceeds from the sale of ICOT Products support the ICOT Foundation whose mission is to positively impact the management of otologic diseases in the developing world through education and research. The Doctor's Listening System (DLS) is a personal sound amplification product, or PSAP. It is a digital electronic product which will enhance listening experiences for those in need. It is not sold as a programmable hearing aid to be custom fitted for the rehabilitation of hearing loss. more >>

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Hear What You've Been Missing
  • Restaurant conversations
  • A distant speaker
  • On the telephone
  • Noisy Environments
  • Birds singing
  • Anywhere your ears need a boost

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"Soft or distant sounds can be difficult to hear, particularly when there is competing noise. The Doctor’s Listening System ( DLS ) helps improve your listening skills in these situations and gives tired ears that needed boost."

M. Miles Goldsmith MD, FACS
Ear Surgeon, Neurotologist